Arvind Textile Mills Ltd., Comilla, Bangladesh

MDM were commissioned to design a mill for Arvind Textile Mills Ltd. The site was challenging, with two sides separated by a 13-metre-wide road. The mill comprises of a loom shed, buildings for finished goods and for the finishing department, an office building, a power plant and a boiler house.

The mill features a steel-frame structure clad in aluminum sheeting which is double-skinned and insulated. The office is centrally air-conditioned and connected to the factory by a link; it is constructed with a RCC frame and concrete floors and is structurally isolated from the factory to prevent the transmission of sound and vibration.

The factory was designed to international standards utilizing readily available building components. Its design allows for future expansion without disruption of the existing facility.

N.B. Due to the global recession, Arvind abandoned the project after completion of pile work.