Bhasan Char

Following the brutal atrocities faced at the hand of the Myanmar Military, nearly 1 million Myanmar Nationals fled to Bangladesh in 2017. The Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stood by the oppressed and assured them of a temporary living space until their return to Myanmar. Thus, the island of Bhasan Char was chosen to be developed and provide a safe and transient accommodation for the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs).

MDM Architects is appointed as onshore consultant, responsible for all infrastructure works i.e architectural, structural, civil works, electrical and plumbing design as well as the supervision of:

– 1,440 cluster houses.
– 120 shelter stations (withstand wind speeds up to 260 km/hr.
– whilst providing protection from flooding and surges).
– 1 Shelter Station modified as UN BUILDING.
– 1 Shelter Station modified as Gen Admin & RRRC BUILDING.
– 2 Shelters Station modified as LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) BUILDING.
– 2 Shelters Station modified as SCHOOL.
– 3 Shelters Station modified as MOSQUE.
– 1 mosque in BN area.
– Light House.
– Security Houses 1, 2 & 3.
– Admin Buildings. – 2 Hospitals.
– 4 Community Clinic.
– Fire Station.
– Charging Station for Battery driven vehicle.
– Bio Gas plant including compost processing zone & waste bin.
– 2 Helipads.
– 2 Fuel Tank (Capacity 500MT).
– Solar Plant 1 MW. – Generator House 2MW.
– Solar Powered Street Light.
– Warehouses – for relief and material storage including Toilets & connecting road.
– Internal road network (HBB & RCC).
– Drainage Network.
– Storm Drainage.
– Perimeter fencing and Watch Towers.
– Semi Puca Bzaar.
– Playground.
– Graveyard.