Coastal Crisis Management Centres, Bangladesh

MDM has designed and constructed a number of Coastal Crisis Management Centers (CCMCs) across Bangladesh. All projects were awarded by the US Army Corps of Engineers and funded by US government.

CCMC buildings are designed to withstand 8.0 Richter-scale earthquakes and 260 km/hr wind speeds, made possible by a reinforced concrete frame structure and pile foundations. The buildings have solar and generator backup for use in the event of a power failure and feature rainwater harvesting and filter purification systems.

The buildings can be used as office complexes by the coastguard during normal periods and converted into emergency boat stations during a crisis. The ground floor of each building can be used to store boats and trailers and the first floor contains offices and living quarters.

Since August 2015 MDM has completed 19 CCMCs across the zones of Chittagong, Barisal, Khulna and Dhaka.

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