The lighthouse at Bhasan Char acts as a navigational marking point for all cargo and commercial vessels in the areas surrounding Chittagong, especially the inland routes from Chattogram to Dhaka, Khulna, Barishal etc.

The lighthouse (Beacon of Hope) is also a symbol of humanity and characterises the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s compassion shown towards the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals.The steel tower designed is built to withstand high wind forces. Steel anchor bolts connect the tower to the reinforced concrete piles and the exterior is brick cladded. The inward sloping octagonal tower tapers from nine metres diameter at its base to three metres at the top. A lightning arrester attached on top of a dome makes up the highest point of the lighthouse. Internal steel ladders provide access between floors and a walkway to the top, where a long-range marine lantern visible from 14 NM is situated. The lighthouse beacon is powered by eight 100W solar PV panels. The Bangladesh Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Centre (BNHOC) commissioned the lighthouse in November 2018, by issuing a ‘Notice to Mariners’ to marine communities.