Multi-Purpose Cyclone Shelters, Bangladesh

MDM were assigned a series of Multi-Purpose Cyclone Shelters (MPCSs) by the US Army Corps Of Engineers and funded by US government with strict guidelines.

MPCSs function as schools throughout the year, but are converted into rehabilitation centres during a crisis. As well as classrooms and staff rooms for school use, the ‘L’- or ‘I’-shaped buildings include a first-aid room and a special-care room for pregnant women. MPCS buildings include wide staircases, placed at the centre of each building for safety; three-metre wide corridors; solar-powered backup generators for use in the event of a power failure; and rainwater-recycling systems. High-quality doors, windows and other accessories are used throughout.

In 2013, MDM completed one MPCS in the Cox’s-Bazaar district, four in the Shatkhira district and two in the Naogaon district. In 2014, MDM were awarded five more projects in the Barisal district.