Gulshan Bridge, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gulshan Park, one of Dhaka’s most prominent parks, covers an area divided across both sides of Gulshan Lake. Originally, the two parts of the park were joined by a 1.5-metre-wide bridge. As part of their CSR work, MDM renovated the bridge with an innovative new design and structural system, both of which were inspired by the shape of a reptile.

Working in reinforced concrete, MDM widened the bridge to make it more convenient and accessible for visitors, increasing its width to 3 metres at the centre and 4.5 metres at the edge. Rib beams played a major role in the bridge’s structure, which was inspired by a reptile’s bone structure. Railings were designed to balance aesthetical and functional aspects of the bridge and the central arch was designed to strengthen its structure.

The bridge was designed and built in 2012. It was later inaugurated by British High Commissioner HE Robert Gibson in April 2013.