For Safe Coast


The Coastal Crisis Management Centres (CCMC) project is the first project of its type in Bangladesh.  With a total of 30 centres being constructed, the project will cover the entire coastal belt area of Bangladesh, providing much needed emergency shelter to remote communities.

These buildings will, under normal operation, serve as control centres for the Bangladesh Coast Guard.  They have been designed with essential equipment, store and communication facilities to also be used in the event of natural disaster, and can provide temporary accommodation for up to 1000 people.  These structures, designed to international building standards, are seismically resilient and built to withstand the impact of up to 7.5 on the Richter scale.

This “design & build” project by Mukta Dinwiddie MacLaren has been funded by the United States Government under their Humanitarian Assistance Programme, and executed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District.

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