NHT Fashion, Chittagong, Bangladesh

NHT Fashion, part of the Pacific Group, is the biggest jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh. MDM undertook the design and project management of the company’s new eight-storey factory in Chittagong.

The design incorporates lots of natural light, ventilation, and shading. External cladding and a multi-layer wall structure ensure minimal heat is transmitted to work areas. The roof area uses planting to keep the building cool and provide relaxation space for workers. The building meets international standards for fire safety, featuring LED tube lighting and wiring which uses busbar trunking to minimize fire risks.

The factory has its own onsite energy-efficient generator; the washing-plant water is heated using waste heat from the generator; and solar panels provide additional energy. Water is recycled wherever possible, rainwater is harvested from the roof and ground water is treated and reused.

The project is scheduled for completion in December 2014.