Tribhuvan Teaching Hospital, Blood Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal

MDM was appointed as design build contractor for a new blood bank facility at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. The project was funded by the US Government and executed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Sustainable design and ‘green building principles’ were adopted wherever possible. The facility was designed to withstand the impact of an earthquake, with solar panels providing sufficient energy to run emergency systems during a power cut. The structure features a reinforced concrete frame, external brick walls and internal stud walls.

The external aspect of the building was modelled on a typical Nepalese house with clay roof tiles, providing a welcoming atmosphere for patients. Light was a key consideration – the second floor incorporates openings to draw in sunlight and louvers were used to balance artificial and natural light.

The building was completed in April 2014.